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Preservatives free – All Goods on this Site are preservatives Free. Al Shams Bakery prides itself by using top ingredients only.

Always Free Delivery – Also Ships Monthly with an Active Subscription Plan.

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Subscribe Now for a recurring Pita Bread Delivery to you with free Delivery to States of: Michigan, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina & Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia and West Virginia.

Due to our bread not containing any preservatives, we are unable to ship outside States mentioned to ensure freshness of delivery to arrive 1-2 days of actual bake date. Please Refrigerate at All times.

Subscription can be cancelled, restarted or postponed at any time. Occasionally, Pita Bread Delivery includes a complimentary samples of Milk Cookies, Sesame Cookies, or other types of baked Pita Bread.



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