Free Pita Bread Delivery is offered by iLikePita.Com For a Limited Time.  Pita Bread Box with minimum purchase of 10 Pita Bread Packages or minimum orders of $25 ships free to 22 States. Your “Free Pita Bread Delivery” is prepared hot off the oven nightly. Orders are received, within the 22 states offered, in 24 to 48 hours.

Michigan | Ohio | Illinois | Indiana | Pennsylvania | Iowa | Wisconsin | Minnesota | St Louis, Missouri | Kentucky | West Virginia | New York | New Jersey | North Carolina | South Carolina | Georgia | Tennessee | Virginia | Delaware | Maryland  

Free Pita Bread Delivery

Free Pita Bread Delivery

Our Pita Bread Does NOT Contain Preservatives. We Regret To Inform, We Are Unable To Offer Free Pita Bread Delivery to States with more than 2 Days Of Ground Shipping. States Cannot Deliver to Highlighted In Green, Red and Orange. We Apologize For Not Reaching Your Area At this Time. For Questions Or Special Orders, Please Contact US.

Your Local Market:

We Encourage You To Recommend us to your local Store and Supermarket Near You. will wholesale Free Pita Bread Delivery To Your Local Market. You;ll benefit Finding Your Favorite Pita Bread Locally. Please Suggest a Store Name and Phone Number. Alternatively, You May Simply Recommend Our Website To Store Manager. Offers Wholesale Prices to your local store with Free Pita Bread Delivery benefits.


Guaranteed, Tastiest Pita Bread You Ever Had. No Preservatives, no GMO, with all Grade A Ingredients.

Please Note: FREE PITA BREAD DELIVERY Is available with any Pita Bread Box Or Minimum Orders of $25.00. Otherwise, A Maximum Flat Fee of $10.00 is Charged Orders if FREE PITA BREAD DELIVERY is Not Available.

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer Today. Visit Our Shop or look for offers with Pita Bread Delivery.

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